Morocco market access for electrical and R&TTE products

Morocco market access for electrical and R&TTE products
The market of Morocco is often considered as one of the most competitive markets in North Africa. According to Worldometer research of the latest United Nations data, the current population of Morocco is 37,277,207 people and 63.8% of the population are urban residents. The country's gross domestic product amounted to around 123.78 billion U.S. dollars. 

To get access to the Morocco market, products need to pass some conformity assessment procedures that verify the safety of imported goods. Thus, the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy of Morocco suggested two ways to assess compliance of all regulated imported products with Moroccan standards and/or Technical Regulations:

  • Control in the country of origin before goods are shipped to the Kingdom of Morocco
  • Control at the destination point upon arrival of the goods to the Kingdom of Morocco 

If the product falls under the category of electrical appliances or can be classified as an electrical product, it should be inspected in the country of origin before shipping to Morocco and must comply with the local standards as well as technical regulations (when applicable) issued by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment and the Digital Economy in accordance with Article 9 of Law №24.

Importers of products subject to the control in the country of origin are required to provide certificates of conformity issued by an authorized body. Import control consists of four stages: documentary control, physical control, sampling, and market access authorization.

The documentary control includes a review of the technical file of the imported goods in order to identify the product, its characteristics, its brand and its country of origin. The importer is required to provide the following documents to the control office:

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Importer's Warranties
  • Single Goods Declaration (DUM) or letter of credit
  • Bills;
  • Bill of lading or the voucher to be issued
  • Import commitment
  • Technical file

Please note that the manual for the product must be in Arabic. In addition, when a product is subject to orders №2573-14 (electrical safety) and №2574-14 (Electromagnetic Compatibility), the "" mark should be affixed. 
The conformity mark should be as follows:

When the product belongs to the telecommunications sector, it is also necessary to get type approval from the National Agency of Telecommunications Regulation (ANRT)

The test scope for an ANRT approval is related to the requirements for CE marking based on the Radio Equipment Directive and additional national specifications. 

The applicant shall include telecommunications interfaces and equipment subject to approval as well as related technical specifications. Technical documentation is also required to determine the interfaces embedded in the equipment, all of its features, and standards. For radio installations, this documentation must include the relevant radio characteristics of the equipment (frequency band, power, the SAR value or equivalent field-level) and a prospectus or short technical report identifying the interfaces contained in the equipment.

 There are two ways of approval:

  • Declarative way
The applicant declares that the equipment complies with national type approval specifications published by the ANRT. In this case, a simple review of the application is needed before issuing the required certification.
  • Non-Declarative way
The applicant declares that the equipment complies with unpublished type approval. In this case, the ANRT may request additional documentation and/or a sample for testing before deciding about the type approval.

After the official certification of the device, the approval is valid for ten years

Within the ANRT certification procedure, it is necessary to affix the following ANRT certification label with the certification number and date:
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