Saudi Arabia Updates Regulation for WLAN Equipment

Saudi Arabia Updates Regulation for WLAN Equipment
The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia issued WLAN regulations that revise wireless local area networks (WLAN/Wi-Fi) usage regulations. The updated regulations became effective from February 2022. 
The regulations set out a spectrum access mechanism for the WLAN equipment as well as permitted frequency bands and technical conditions. 
The new regulations include requirements to Wi-Fi 6E and WiGig technologies. Thus, CITC officially allows the use of these technologies in Saudi Arabia. 
Before putting the WLAN equipment with Wi-Fi 6E or WiGig technologies to the market of the KSA, one should check if it meets relevant CITC’s technical specifications and the following requirements of the WLAN regulations:

Good news is that the bands can be used for WLAN applications with facilitated power restrictions under a light licensing regime.

The full text of the regulations can be found here