Saudi Arabia Proposes Changes Related to Fixed Wireless Link Services

Saudi Arabia Proposes Changes Related to Fixed Wireless Link Services
The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia decided to re-allocate all frequency bands used in wireless links. Along with that, the government is planning to update the licensing mechanism for the wireless links in fixed radio service. That is why the CITC developed a document for public consultation, where it proposed an action plan to improve fixed wireless link services. In this document, the CITC also introduces the processes for:
  • withdrawal of any channel arrangements
  • establishment of any new frequency arrangements
  • re-farming to a new frequency

The CITC also notes that in the KSA there is a range of fixed wireless links frequency bands, which do not match with CITC’s fixed wireless links bands and channel arrangements. The Commission requires corrections that are going to be implemented through the re-assignment program for any fixed wireless link which does not meet the published band plans.

Additionally, the CITC is intended to widen the bandwidth channels to follow the demand due to the global trend towards bandwidth extension. Thus, the new, wider bandwidth channels, which the CITC plans to introduce, look as follows:

The CITC is going to reform 25 GHz and 28 GHz bands for future use by the 5G network. It means that these bands will be withdrawn for fixed wireless links. 

Fixed wireless link equipment should be type approved by the CITC before importing to the KSA. The radio interface performance should comply with the regulations set out in this document as well as in the relevant technical specifications to receive type approval and custom clearance documents.

The consultation has already closed and now we are waiting for the CITC decision based on the received proposals from the interested parties.