Morocco Updates Technical Specifications for Terminal Equipment and Radio Installations

In a significant development for the telecommunications sector in Morocco, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) has released a new decision, ANRT/DG/N°12/23, that updates the technical specifications for terminal equipment and radio installations. This decision, effective from May 22, 2023, supersedes the previous regulation, ANRT/DG/No. 04/14, established in February 2014.

Key Updates in the ANRT Decision

The ANRT's latest decision introduces several critical changes:
  1. New technical specifications: The decision includes fresh specifications for emerging technologies such as 6GHz WiFi 6E, GPON, GNSS, and ESIM.
  2. Enhanced safety and compliance focus: There's a heightened emphasis on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), low-voltage electrical safety (LVD), and human RF exposure, ensuring both user and equipment safety.
  3. Minimum requirements for cellular devices: All cellular interface user equipment must now support at least 4G (LTE) technology.
  4. Mandatory 5G SA Compatibility: Devices supporting 5G technology are required to be compatible with the 5G SA (standalone) architecture.

Impact on Manufacturers and Importers

Manufacturers and importers of terminal equipment and radio installations must align with these new specifications to ensure compliance and approval for use in Morocco. Adhering to these updated requirements is critical for maintaining market presence and consumer trust.


These updates by ANRT are a step towards ensuring that Morocco's telecommunications equipment aligns with international standards, providing a safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced experience for users.

The complete text of ANRT/DG/N°12/23, currently available only in French, can be found here.

Need More Information?

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